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5 Reasons To Clean Your Bong

5 Reasons To Clean Your Bong

The popularity of bongs is quickly taking over the cannabis smoking world by storm! As the legalization of recreational and medicinal use of marijuana continues to expand, more people are now embracing cannabis. The stigma that was previously associated with smoking cannabis is rapidly going up in smoke. Now, more dispensaries are cropping up, availing an extensive range of marijuana products from edibles to the world-renowned marijuana flower.

As it turns out, many users prefer to smoke their cannabis to explore its near-magical effects faster than they would with taking edibles. It is not a wonder that the demand for bongs has increased significantly. Bongs are the perfect way to luxuriate in your cannabis as they provide you with much smoother, cooler and, lo and behold, giant hits that are highly potent! According to some anecdotal records, bongs will get you higher than any other pipes.

However, the one hitch with smoking out of these glass pieces is that they get dirty quite fast. Unless you have them cleaned properly, they can potentially expose you to severe health risks. Besides the fact that the quality of care and maintenance you extend to your bong reflects what kind of person you are in and out, you should also clean your bong for the following reasons.

Experience A Better Taste Of Your Cannabis

Think about it, if you carelessly continue packing your high-end weed into a nasty clogged bowl and have it pass in even filthier water, you'll only end up burning the clogged resin and ruining the whole experience. One thing is certain, the taste of your weed is dramatically distorted, and you can't even tell what the hell kind of taste you're getting out of your bong.

Conversely, a clean bong and fresh water make your smoking experience pleasant with improved flavors. The filtration of your smoke is also better and more efficient in uncontaminated water. Toxins, tar, ash, and harsh compounds are filtered to ensure your lungs and throat receive a smooth, clean, and cool hit.

Get Stoned Faster

If you ask a smoker, there's nothing more annoying than a clogged bong! Smoking your weed out of a bong is essentially blazing it in one sitting; You can take massive tokes and enjoy a faster uptake and speedy onset of its effects. Ideally, a bong is made to get you stoned quicker and safer than any regular pipes. But this effect is dependent on how clean or dirty your bong is.

For obvious reasons, you might never get stoned or high out of a dirty bong. The best hits of your cannabis come from a clean glass piece as the high THC levels in your smoke will move more rapidly without any resin or dirt standing in its way. You can expect to get stoned and chained to your couch a few minutes into the session.

Enjoy Smoother Hits

The idea behind the invention of bongs was to create a smoother and cooler smoke for stoners and to help them take massive hits without unwanted side effects or hits going harsh on their lungs. Oh, what betrayal it would be if you and your dirty bong failed this purpose! Solid substances, dirt, tar, and toxins don't take long to build up in your bong water. Contaminated bong water might never filter microorganisms or even cool your smoke. But fresh water has the power to cool your smoke and give you smoother tokes that go straight to your lungs and hit incredibly harder and faster!

Conserve Your Cannabis

Think about it this way. You are smoking out of a dirty glass piece that is clogged with ash, resin, and other solid materials. It should be common sense that most of your THC will get stuck to these substances. Additionally, they will act as a barrier to block the amount of smoke that you inhale. Therefore you would need to smoke way more than your ordinary amount to experience the effects of your weed. Weed isn't exactly cheap, and we all like to save a bundle sometimes, so you're better off keeping your bong clean at all times.

Prevents Health Risk

Cleaning your bong after use and changing your water after a good session is crucial. While no one will arrest you for smoking out of a filthy bong, your smoking freedom will be short-lived, and in worse cases, you might end up bedridden. Here's why. Just as much as you enjoy a smooth and cooler hit out of your bong, so do bacteria, pathogens, and other disease-causing microorganisms thrive in dirty, seasoned bong water. In fact, bacteria and viruses envy bong water! Once your bong becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms, that's terrible news for your body.

Key Take-Aways

If you can't afford some time to clean your bong, probably because you're held up at work or you're too stoned to make an effort, you should at least pour out the remaining water in your bong and leave your glass piece safely placed upside down. Every once in a while, it would help if you considered calling a professional bong cleaner to do the much-needed deep cleaning and ensure you smoke nothing but tastier, safer, and smoother hits.

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