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5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Dabbing Experience

5 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Dabbing Experience

Dabbing is literally blowing up across the world. Cannabis smokers have given the old drug a new twist that can get you extremely high for a much longer time. According to dabbing enthusiasts, a single dab can provide you the high of 5 joints in a single dose!

If you have been wondering how to enhance your dabbing experience or get the most out of your concentrates, you are in the right place. We will teach you all the possible tricks and tips to take your dabbing a notch higher by leaps and bounds.

What is Dabbing?

Dabs are highly concentrated forms of cannabis that get you high and can be inhaled through dab pens. They often go by the street names honey, wax, shatter, or even budder. Dabs are made by sourcing extremely high THC levels and other cannabinoids through a chemical process that uses butane or CO2 to form sticky, goopy oils.

How To Smoke Dabs

Dabs are not your ordinary marijuana. If you're a dabbing novice, you need to approach this method with great caution because THC levels are highly concentrated, and the high produced is not the kind you're used to. Dabbing involves placing a small amount of the concentrate on a heated surface to produce vapor that you inhale. Dabbing is also much liked because you're not limited to one type of equipment. You can use a honey straw which is much easy and affordable, or a dab rig that produces incredible, fantastic hits.

5 Simple Ways To Enhance Your Dabbing Experience

Now that you know what dabs are and what dabbing is, its  time you enhance your dabbing experience with the following simple tips:

Have Your Gloves On

If you have dabbed before, you know how slimy and sticky dabs can get. So, as obvious as this may sound, you must have your gloves on to spare your hands all that messy, sticky feel. Remember, you want to enjoy every step of the way from start to finish. Also, you can contaminate your precious dab with bacteria and dirt that might be lingering on your hands.

Use a Smaller Rig

Unlike tobacco resin, oil resins are way stickier. This means a bigger rig will stand in the way of your vapor, giving you less potent hits, and the more the filtration, the less the flavor of your dab. If you are all about pleasing, rich-flavored, and powerful hits, then a smaller rig is your ideal choice.

Reduce The Heat

In the snap of a finger, dabs can get you from not high to being 100% high. When dabbing, you'll want to keep the heat down. Have you ever heard someone who probably quit dabbing because they developed chest pains? Or perhaps they hated the unpleasant flavor? Well, the reason could be they took their dabbing temperatures a bit too high.

Overheating your nail or banger translates into a foul and uncomfortable taste. Be sure to let your nails cool after a heating process. But keep in mind that if you don't hit your nail enough, you'll end up wasting your dab, and overheating will destroy the compounds that provide you with that pleasant flavor and smell that you paid dearly for. Ensure to keep monitoring the heat on your nail.

Clean Your Rig Frequently.

If you have ever used a bong, you know that these smoking devices need frequent cleaning to give you the best performance. Smoking out of a dirty rig is not only unhygienic, but it also ruins the flavor of your concentrates while damaging the appearance of your rig.

Not cleaning your nail regularly results in carbon and resin build-up. You'll feel a bad lingering taste in your smoke. Besides, maintaining a clean rig is an added advantage as it will be easier to clean it when the time comes.

Make Use of a Quartz Nail/ Banger

Quartz nails are best for those who want to feel the effects of their concentrates much faster. They heat up quickly, and they can reach the perfect dabbing temperatures within the shortest time. They also absorb heat a lot better, and you can trust them to last longer than a glass nail. Additionally, they provide you with high-quality, well-refined, and incredibly clean hits.

The Bottom Line

Dabs are the revolutionary marijuana derivatives that offer you extreme potency. While more people continue embracing dabbing, we strongly advise that you approach this method with care, start with minimal amounts and work your way up. Dabbing comes with a pack of benefits from being highly powerful, flavorful, an exceptional high, and ease of use- what's not to like!

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