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Cannabis and Bong Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Cannabis and Bong Cleaning: What You Need to Know

Bongs, an insanely popular device that is quickly taking the smoking world by storm! Bongs' claim to fame is its' water-filled chamber that filters and cools your cannabis smoke before you can inhale it. Commonly referred to as the bubbler or water pipe, this pot-smoking utensil has been around for centuries. Anyone who owns a bong will tell you that you are only one pull away from enjoying a totally smooth and bomb toke.

Whether you want a glass, plastic, ceramic, bamboo, beaker-shaped, straight-tube, or a multi-chamber bong, there is always something unique waiting for you at the store/dispensary. Unfortunately, however, using bongs frequently results in a hard-to-remove black tar and wax. But this does not mean that you have to abandon your device or watch as the grime cakes up until you have to buy a new one. is committed to ensuring that you continue enjoying a good toke in the most economical way possible. Our staff is highly trained on cannabis and bong cleaning, and they will ensure your device gets the cleaning it needs until it looks new again!

Why Should You Clean Your Bong?

This mouth-blown works of art feature a small bowl piece that holds your ground-up herbs or cannabis. The bowl piece is placed into a stem that extends into the water chamber. The water in your chamber must be enough to submerge the stem at least one inch or one and a half inches deep. You will light your cannabis as you inhale the smoke through the opening.

Meanwhile, as you enjoy your cannabis, ash, resin, and tar build up on the surface of your bong. Continuous use of the uncleaned device may invite bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses. It is pretty obvious that inhaling any of these pathogens into our bodies will result in respiratory illnesses and other potential health problems. Remember, you are trying to enjoy your cannabis, not trying to kill yourself. Therefore, you must make sure your bong is always clean.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong?

One giveaway of a dirty bong in need of urgent cleaning would be an awful tasting and smelling smoke. Before you can even blame the smell on the cannabis, it's time you do a close inspection on your bong first. Do you see a ring forming around the waterline on the chamber, or has resin caked up in your bong? A closer inspection will show you a disturbing film and tiny floaters of cannabis and residue on your water. Now, you know it's time to clean up your precious bong. While connoisseurs will want to clean their devices daily, experts suggest that you should do some bong cleaning every once a week.

How Often Should I Change My Bong Water?

Cannabis has an earthy, fruity flavor, and when cured, its' taste gets even better. Besides cooling down your smoke further, the water in your bong also filters out tar and ash, making your smoking experience smoother and less irritating on the lungs. Unfortunately, with time, this water accumulates dirt and toxins.

The same way you derive pleasure from a giant hit on your fresh cannabis, so does bacteria delight in dirty water. How often you change your bong water boils down to personal preference. But, in the long run, the more often you do so, the healthier and better your smoking will be. Below are some signs of letting you know when your bong water needs changing.

  • Awful smell- If your bong is releasing an unpleasant odor or reeking, that's an obvious sign that you need to get it some clean and freshwater.
  • Brown or black resin- Once you notice a brown or black resin build-up on the surface of your bong, then it deserves some good cleaning and freshwater.
  • Mold- This is the most obvious sign that some cleaning and sterilization needs to be done. Otherwise, every cannabis session you have with a mold-infested device will be drawing you an inch closer to a severe respiratory or waterborne disease.
  • Brown water- Once the water in your bong turns brown, that means that smoke, resin, and tar have done enough staining, and it’s now time to clean and switch your water.

How to Maintain Your Bong- Proper Bong Maintenance

Nothing ruins your smokes' great taste like a poorly-maintained and dirty bong. Cleaning and maintaining your bong is the only way to ensure that your cannabis sessions give you the effect you seek every time you sit down to load your bowl. In addition, changing your bong water often preserves the flavor of your weed and makes your smoking as enjoyable as possible. We recommend that you consult a trained professional for the best maintenance results to help keep your bong in good condition as when you first purchased it.

Luckily, there are some easy and reliable DIY bong maintenance tips that you can use, including:

  • Do some basic cleaning often. For example, try using baby bottle brushes to get rid of the stubborn resin and mold formation.
  • Only add filtered water into your bong chamber. Tap water might stain the surfaces of your bong.
  • Change your bong water frequently. This keeps your bong clean and protected from mold and mold stains.
  • Keep your bong well secured in its bag or case, especially while traveling. Some bongs are made of glass and thus susceptible to breaking or cracking.

How Much Will It Cost Me to Have My Bong Cleaned by A Professional?

The cleaning process involves vigorous shaking and careful scrubbing using environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and safe cleaners. The latest cleaning tools that use ultra-sound and heat to scrap and get rid of stains much faster are also employed. The process does not end before your pipe is sterilized and rinsed thoroughly to leave it safe for use and looking new as ever. In addition, the professional will also use all-natural resin preventative products to prevent gunk from sticking on your bong whenever you add water, thereby saving you time and money.

What will surprise you is that these services are offered at a very economical and affordable price. If you love to smoke but hate cleaning your device or are too busy to do it- no worries. Starting from as low as $20.00 per piece, will clean your pipes of all shapes and sizes and put that sparkle back into your smoking sessions.

The Bottom Line

Appropriate bong cleaning preserves the flavor of your cannabis. Additionally, having your pipes and bong deep-cleaned by a trained professional makes a big difference and leaves you protected from inhaling or ingesting contaminated smoke. Please keep in mind that, using hazardous chemicals to clean your bong will only expose you to an array of adverse health risks.

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