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How To Choose The Right Bong For You

How To Choose The Right Bong For You

If you have been in the market shopping for a bong recently, you've probably come across numerous kinds of bongs to choose from. With the recent legalization of weed, people are embracing its medicinal and recreational use. Hence, the increase in demand for bongs has gone exceedingly high, and cannabis industries are now creating all types, designs, and styles of bongs to bridge this gap.

Whether it's your first time or fifth time buying a bong, you may find yourself in a dilemma, not knowing which is the suitable bong that will best meet your needs. In this quick bong buying guide, we will help you cut through the noise and get the right bong so you'll be smoking sooner than you expected.

Bong Size

Choosing the right size of bong matters a lot. Probably you enjoy taking giant rips or, perhaps you love to sneak around with your bong. Either way, there's always a perfect size available for you. The size of the bong you choose boils down to personal preference and your everyday lifestyle. Knowing exactly what to buy and what not to waste your money on will make your buying process fun with zero frustrations.

Let's help you pick the size that's tailored just for your needs.

Mini Bongs

You'll need this bong if you're always on the road and you want a portable glass piece to carry around. Generally, this size of bongs is usually very light in weight, making them perfect if you wish to sneak your smoking habits whenever you're on the go. However, one hitch with these bongs is that they provide less airflow, and the hits will not be as smooth as you might have imagined. Remember that these bongs are mini, meaning the water chamber is small, and hence smoke filtration will not be proper nor efficient to give a very smooth hit.

Medium Bongs

These are probably the bongs that you're used to. They are very common with smokers thanks to their medium size. Sitting between the mini bongs and the large bongs, you can be sure to get the best out of the two worlds. Their height ranges from 10-14', and though they are not as big as the large bongs, you can't carry them around as you would a mini bong.

Large Bongs

The experienced smokers and the homebodies are very conversant with this one. Large bongs are ideal for the seasoned smokers, but are not limited to the less experienced and regular smokers. These kinds of bongs work wonders for your smoking sessions. With such an enormous chamber, you can expect better and thorough filtration, so you'll be receiving cooler, smoother, and cleaner smoke that isn't harsh on your throat and lungs. Note that these kind of bongs are mainly used at home.

Bong Material

Smokers treasure their bongs. Getting you high is not the only purpose your bongs needs to offer. I doubt if you have ever come across a cheap bong. Therefore, choose a durable and high-quality material that will serve its intended purpose and last much longer! You'll stumble upon different bong materials with different functions and unique benefits like add ons and modifications.

Let's guide you to select your most ideal material.

Glass Bongs

Probably the most popular type of bong available on the market today. The most genuine glass bongs are made out of borosilicate glass that is resistant to heat shock and abrupt temperature changes. With this kind of bongs, you can be confident that the hits reaching you are tasty, incredibly pure, clean, and safe.

Its versatile nature sets it apart from the rest. You can get creative with these glass pieces and include some add ons like ash catcher, downstems, percolators, and more water chambers. They are very durable, and some come equipped with a splash guard. Though they are highly susceptible to breaking and cracking, you can be sure to get the best of your cannabis with a glass bong. You may end up paying a little more for a glass bong , but it is totally worth the extra cost.

Acrylic Bongs

These bongs are super cheap! But that doesn't exactly reflect their quality. You'll never get bored while shopping for an acrylic bong since they come in all colours and highly unique designs. All you need to do is pick one that intrigues your interest. Being virtually indestructible, they will probably last much longer than a glass piece.

Although they are not the worst quality of bongs available, they can never match up to the quality of a glass bong. In fact, acrylic is just the new fancy word for plastic. This is not the type for seasoned and frequent smokers. You might never use your add on and accessories on her. Additionally, there's barely any filtration or diffusion going on here. And equipped with a metallic bowl and downstem- let's just say you're in for the worst resin-like aftertaste.

Ceramic Bongs

If you are in search of a highly reliable bong that will do its intended purpose and last for a very long time, ceramic bongs might be it. They come closely behind the glass bongs with a neutral-tasting hit and a high that's just on another level! Dating back to more than 100years ago, they are believed to be the oldest bongs around. Since they are made out of clay, earthenware, and stoneware, they aren't versatile and can break on collision.

Silicon Bongs

Their popularity is spreading like wildfire. Some contributing factors to this craze-like popularity, include better performance, affordability, durability and customization. They are straightforward to clean and maintain. You can safely use a dishwasher on them, and they can also withstand extreme temperatures. Silicon bongs are also a good choice for the constant traveler, thanks to their soft state and malleability.

There are also different styles of bongs available on the market—everything from straight tubes, beaker bongs to recycler bongs and more. The smoke from a straight bong is denser and clearer. Conversely, beaker bongs produce a less dense smoke that is not very clear, but you'll get more giant rips. Recyclers, on the other hand, are often used to smoke concentrates. Novice smokers are better off going with the straight tubes and beaker bongs.

Once you've read this simplified guide on choosing the right bong for you, you can now dive into the market with confidence that you'll only bring back home the exact kind of bong that you need.

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