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How To Clean Your Quartz Banger

How To Clean Your Quartz Banger

At the end of the day, what matters is an incredibly flavored, clean, and high-quality vape that will go smoothly on your lungs. A durable quartz banger can withstand overheating and accidental bumping against a surface. Bangers are pricey, and that's because they are specifically designed to step up your dabbing sessions. Therefore, it's necessary always to clean your quartz banger to keep it looking nicer, last longer, and serve you better.

Cleaning a Quartz Banger

This process is determined by two factors, how dirty or how clean your banger is. If you let your banger sit dirty for long or re-use it a lot without cleaning, thick black resin and reclaim will adhere to its surface. On the flip side, some vapers clean their bangers often,-so they never get to the point of turning black, but with time the banger can become dull, cloudy, and yellow. In either of these instances, the cleaning process with be slightly different.

Cleaning A Dirty Black Coated Banger

It's all fun and games and procrastination until you can't stand up to the chazz effect. Even a glance at the chaz that's build up in your quartz nails makes you shudder with disgust. But wait before you can toss out your precious piece- we can bring it back to looking new and clean as ever.

All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure the banger is not hot. Prepare a solution using isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt in a plastic container. Carefully put your banger in the solution and ensure it's fully submerged. Please leave it to soak thoroughly overnight for the best results. This solution is meant to loosen the residual for easy cleaning.
  2. Rinse thoroughly using warm water while getting rid of any remaining residue and resin.
  3. Scrape off the stubborn residue with a blunt object and remove as much as you can. Ensure all alcohol is thoroughly washed out, and then dry the quartz banger with a clean towel.
  4. Use your dab torch to heat the banger to around 600-800 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposing your banger to these temperatures for up to 45 seconds helps eliminate all the stubborn resin by turning it into ash. Avoid temperatures above 800 degrees as they might damage your banger.
  5. Let the banger cool for about 15-20 seconds. Letting it cool for longer will cause the resin to solidify again. Soak a q-tip in alcohol and wipe the bowl. Run the q-tip around the base and sides of the bowl. Use as many q-tips as you need to ensure it's thoroughly clean.
  6. Repeat this step with dry q-tips until there's no more residue and all the alcohol is gone.

Cleaning A Dull, Yellow Banger

A banger can turn cloudy, dull, and yellow after a few smoking sessions. It's easy to clean and make it look nicer. All you need to do is heat up the banger to about 600-800 degrees Fahrenheit to loosen all residue and use an alcohol-soaked q-tip to clean and remove all the residual. Lastly, use a dry q-tip to remove all excess alcohol.

Why Should I Clean My Banger?

It's always an enjoyable feeling smoking out of a clean and clear quartz banger. In fact, it makes you look more responsible and respectable. Besides that, the following reasons should make you clean your banger.

  • For your health- When resin builds upon the surface of your banger, it puts you at the risk of burning and inhaling chemicals that can harm your health. While the safety of dabbing itself is still unclear, it's better to minimize the risks.
  • For flavorsome taste- Letting resin build up in your piece affects the taste of your concentrate and produces awful tasting hits. Conversely, a clean banger gives you flavorsome, clean, and high-quality hits.
  • Makes your banger last longer- Cleaning your quartz banger and nail helps it stay for longer, looking nice and clean. Getting rid of resin and residues often allows your banger to work correctly and perform at its best.

Key Take-Aways

Your quartz banger is now clean as brand new in just six simple steps! One important tip to remember is that you should never use bleach or acid-based products. Instead, use isopropyl alcohol. In addition, never use a rough abrasive tool as it'll damage your banger. It's advisable to use Q-tips tips to clean your quartz-banger after every smoking session before the resin solidifies.

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