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What is An Ash Catcher?

What is An Ash Catcher?

Out of this world! Is probably the best way to describe your smoking experience with an ash catcher. A clogged bong is a smoker's worst nightmare. Resin, tar, toxins, and solid particles seem to build up in a bong pretty fast. But these ideal bong accessories are quickly changing this ordeal by trapping all that nasty resin rather than letting it flow into your beautiful expensive glass piece.

We could just tell you that ash catchers are the incredibly awesome bong accessories that you need to add to your bong. And the same is true of saying that they'll provide that extra filtration for much smoother hits. But there's so much more about ash catchers that you need to know.

Everything You Need to Know About An Ash Catcher.

Smokers who hate washing their bongs regularly say that ash catchers are lifesavers.

An ash catcher is a portable adapter that you attach to your bong. As you might have already guessed, ash catchers function by caching/trapping ash, resin, and debris coming from the bowl before they can reach your bong. You can think of it as an extra filtration for your smoke.

There are many types of ash catchers available on the market, and they come in different sizes, colors, and styles. Some of them come equipped with percolators that improve the diffusion and filtration of your smoke.

How To Use An Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is designed to keep your bong clean for much longer while making your smoking sessions more enjoyable. It also makes the process of cleaning your bong less hectic. Using this device on your bong is pretty straightforward. Instead of the bowl, you will slide your ash catcher into the bongs downstem. The bowl will now come directly on top of the ash catcher. Once the bowl is intact in the ash catcher, it's now time to pack some weed, burn, and smoke as usual.

Can I Add Water To My Ash Catcher?

The correct answer to this question is yes. You can add some water but be sure not to add too much of it as the dirty water might flow back into your bongs' chamber.

Why Should I Use An Ash Catcher?

Nobody likes a clogged bong that's emitting an awful odor. Yet, most people are pressed for time to clean their pieces, while others simply don't like going through the trouble of cleaning regularly. An ash catcher comes in handy to keep your bong cleaner for much longer. It makes the cleaning and maintaining of your bong much easier while ensuring that you get the best performance of your glass piece.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Ash Catcher For Your Bong

Now that you've decided to take your smoking sessions to the next level, it is Paramount that you bring the right ash catcher that will fit perfectly into your bong. The significant difference in ash catchers is their percolators which diffuse the smoke into numerous bubbles that produce that fine rip sound in your bong. The percolators can range from honeycomb, tree arm, showerhead to the dome or moonrock percolators.

Below are other factors that you'll need to consider when buying an ash catcher:

The joint size of your bong V/s The joint size of the ash catcher.

You must always check to ensure that that the two pieces will fit in perfectly together. Ash catchers possess two joints; the female joint is the one you slide your bowl into, while the male joint is the one that slides into your bong. Ensure that these parts will fit well for the best performance.

The joint angle of your ash catcher.

The angles can either be 45 degrees or 90 degrees. You'll need to consider the right angle that will function properly on your bong. In simple terms, 45 or 90 degrees angle means the angle at which your ash catcher will connect to your bong. Ensure that the ash catcher will slide in perfectly without hitting any parts of your bong and that the bowl will sit nicely on the ash catcher without any risks of falling off or spilling its contents. Ideally, a 45 degrees angle joint is best for the beaker bongs and the bubble bongs, while a 90 degrees angle joint is best for bongs with a straight bowl like the straight tube bongs.


It may seem pretty obvious, but you'll want to check if your bong is strong enough to hold your ash catcher without the risk of falling over.


As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to consider the percolators you want in your bong. If your bong already has numerous or enough percolators, you'll just need to buy a basic ash catcher to filter the ash and debris. If you'd want to add more percolators to your bong, then you're better off going for an ash catcher that has high levels of percolators.

Note that the higher the levels of percolators, the better the filtration and cooling of your smoke.

The Benefits of An Ash Catcher

Not only does an ash catcher give your smoke extra filtration, but it also protects your bong from ash and other water-soluble substances to make your bong cleaning process more manageable and less frequent.

  • Well filtered and cleaner hits
  • Smoother and cooler hits
  • Keeps your bong cleaner for much longer, thus giving you more smoking time
  • Easy and less frequent bong cleaning

How To Clean An Ash Catcher

You can easily disassemble the ash catcher from your bong for some thorough cleaning. Using coarse salt and isopropyl alcohol to clean these pieces will give you the best results. Put the pieces in a sealable plastic bag, carefully put the ash catcher pieces inside, add the coarse salt and enough alcohol to submerge the pieces. Shake well to remove all stubborn stains, and then rinse with warm water and repeat. If the ash catcher is clogged with dirt, you'll need to soak it overnight before rinsing.

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