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Your Bong is Dirty- Here's Why

Your Bong is Dirty- Here's Why

A clean bong is to a marijuana smoker, what rules are to a game! But most of us are guilty of smoking out of a dirty bong more times than we can begin to count. Bongs, we can all agree, are the most popular and ideal way to smoke marijuana. Before the smoke reaches your throat, it passes through water, where heavier particles, water-soluble molecules and toxins are trapped to make a smoother, cooler, and cleaner smoke for your lungs.

Bongs are highly appealing if you prefer the effects of your cannabis to kick in much faster and safer. No matter how smooth, calm, and easy the toke, your bong is prone to getting dirty, and if you forget to clean it for days, you'll undoubtedly be smoking out of a gross device.

The connoisseurs will want to clean their pieces after a few smoking sessions. However, other cannabis enthusiasts can concur that cleaning a bong can be a daunting task. That's totally understandable. Yet, as impossible as it may seem, cleaning your bong and changing your bong water regularly is Paramount to a safe and healthy smoking session.

But I've only used my bong for a few smoking sessions. What do you mean it's dirty?

How Fast Can I Dirty My Bong Water?

The answer to this question is relatively straightforward. Your bong can get dirty as soon as you starting smoking out of it. With every mass of smoke that passes through, solids, oils and ash are filtered out in the water. Pathogens and bacteria also tend to attack dirty bong water pretty fast. Please note that a biofilm can develop in your bong in just about 24hours. Unfortunately, this film is the ideal host for numerous types of bacteria and yeast. Your bong becomes a jungle of deadly microorganisms before they can harbour in your lungs.

How Did My Bong Get This Dirty?

A bong is by far a smokers best friend. They are the perfect way to create a smooth smoking experience that's not harsh on the lungs. For centuries, smokers have used bongs to filter smoke through water. Hence they are also commonly referred to as water pipes.

Through an intriguing technique, tar and toxins are separated from your smoke resulting in a better, smoother, cooler, cleaner, and less harsh hit. Generally, bongs are designed to make your smoking sessions enjoyable. But with each smoking session, resin, tar, ash, and solid material builds up inside and stick to the walls of your device. If you smoke out of a dirty bong, the hits are gross, accompanied by an awful smell, and chances are, your water will smell even worse!

Dirty Bong Water

Bong water is the water that rests in your bong chamber to clean your smoke. It cleans your smoke by filtering substances like tar, toxins, and bits of cannabinoids such as THC. These substances quickly build up in your water, and one giveaway will be a bad taste and smell on your cannabis smoke. If the bong water is not changed regularly, you'll be risking your good health. Bacteria and mold envy dirty bong water and they can cause respiratory ailments. You'll know it's time to change your bong water if it starts to yellow or develops a biofilm layer.

A Dirty Bong

Your bong happens to be the perfect environment for pathogens, bacteria, mold, and fungi growth. Toxins and tar also solidify on the surface of your bong with time. If you continue using a dirty bong, the unique flavor of your cannabis is distorted. When it comes to your health, you'll be inching closer and closer to developing respiratory problems such as pneumonia and emphysema.

Why Should You Keep Your Bong Clean?

Pro point: The more resin you let build up in your bong, the harder it becomes to clean it.

Besides destroying the excellent taste of your high-quality cannabis, a dirty bong puts your health at serious risk. Remember, bacteria, yeast,  pathogens, and fungi find pleasure in dirty bongs, and it is likely that you'll inhale them into your body. Additionally, smoking out of a filthy bong itself is unsanitary, and it makes you look careless with everything else.

Finding the motivation to clean your bong regularly is not easy. But if you genuinely care for your health and respect a good cannabis experience, keeping up with the daily maintenance of your bong doesn't have to feel like an impossible task. At the very least, you should consider dumping out and changing your bong water each day after a pot session.

The Bottom Line

It only takes one night for microorganisms to build up in your bong. A dirty bong and even dirtier bong water will expose you to severe respiratory diseases. Just like you wouldn't drink from a mold-infested glass, you should ensure that every part of your bong is clean for a flavorsome and healthy pot session.

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