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Pipe Screens

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A smoker’s cardinal sin is to waste perfectly good cannabis. Sometimes you drop your stash, sometimes you lose your stash, but mostly you are (maybe without knowing it) improperly smoking your stash. Pipe screens are the underrated hero of bongs and pipes because without them a lot of your cannabis is just being pulled through the device without igniting. Do yourself a favour and invest in these screens—your pocketbook will thank you.

  • For use with any pipe or bong
  • Each set contains 20 screens
  • Size : 15 mm

    Healthier & Tastier

    Taste the difference & enjoy the essence of what you smoke

    Fast & Convenient

    Transported carefully and securely

    Mobile Pickup & Delivery

    Same-Day Drop Off!

    Affordable Pricing

    Starting at $20 per piece, we do the dirty work for you!