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The Bong Cleaners Clear Drops

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Keep your quartz bangers cleaner, longer, with The Bong Cleaners' "Clear Drops". No matter what temperature you dab at, it always leaves a little residue after hitting a quartz banger. To help keep your banger looking brand new just use a couple of clear drops while the banger is still warm. It will penetrate the resin and a simple cotton swab will lift it away. For stronger buildup just let it soak for a little bit. This non-toxic formula comes with a dropper for easy use.


  • Non-Toxic & Safe for the environment 
  • Can be used on Quartz, Ceramic, Acrylic, and Titanium
  • 60ml / 2oz / Approximately 300 drops
  • Made in Ontario

Healthier & Tastier

Taste the difference & enjoy the essence of what you smoke

Fast & Convenient

Transported carefully and securely

Mobile Pickup & Delivery

Same-Day Drop Off!

Affordable Pricing

Starting at $20 per piece, we do the dirty work for you!