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Where a Clean Bong, is a Happy Bong!

The Bong Cleaners was created by me, Cameron, when I started to like regularly cleaning my collection of bongs. I found it very therapeutic watching something get so dirty to practically brand new again. My friends would often ask me to clean their pieces considering they knew I enjoyed doing it and that usually I would make a few bucks. It wasn't till legalization when I had the thought of having a "dry cleaners" but a bong, pipe and hookah cleaning service..  With COVID-19 I had a lot of time on my hands so I figured it would be good to try and start it while people are smoking a lot more and needing more cleanings. 

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We Do The Dirty Work For You!

We use a nontoxic cleaning solution  which when paired with intense heat our ultra sonic technology, we are able to break down the most stubborn resin build ups, guaranteed cleaned than when you brought them. 

  • Ottawa's 1st mobile bong cleaning service, support local!
  • Transported safely and handled with care
  • Affordable pricing,  depending on the service & bong height
  • Healthier and tastier when you smoke from a clean piece
  • Mobile pick up & deliver, fast and convenient cleaning 

"Clean glass speaks for itself. I sent off my dirty clogged bong and received it back spotless. I would recommend this service to anyone who doesn't like to clean their bong or is too busy as it's super convenient"

Healthier & Tastier

Taste the difference & enjoy the essence of what you smoke

Fast & Convenient

Transported carefully and securely

Mobile Pickup & Delivery

Same-Day Drop Off!

Affordable Pricing

Starting at $20 per piece, we do the dirty work for you!